As one of the oldest natural fibers, silk is considered the "QUEEN OF TEXTILES"

Prized for years, silk's LUXURIOUS nature has put this fabric in a class of its own.

Silk adjusts to your body's temperature in any climate, WICKING moisture away for complete comfort.

Known as Mother Nature's most HYPOALLERGENIC fabric, silk repels any unwanted allergens.

Silk is ounce for ounce WARMER than any other natural and man-made fabric.

Silk is stronger than steel, making it the STRONGEST of all natural fibers.

Silk is WASHABLE.  It actually becomes softer and more lustrous after each wash.

Silk has a high ELASTICITY rate and therefore doesn't easily lose its shape.



Our garments are made of 100% silk.  Subtle variations in fabric and shading are a natural characteristic of the finest quality silks.  These subtle differences enhance the unique texture and beauty of each individual garment.



In our ongoing adventure to grow and evolve, you requested and we listened.  Our goal is to create sensual pieces that make every woman feel beautiful and confident with a special look and feel that is unique to LINDA HARTMAN.  The expansion into silk-like fabrications was inspired by our clientele who wanted the look and feel of a LINDA HARTMAN garment without the expense of silk.  So we hit the streets, sourcing the best quality fabrications that offered similar attributes of silk with a twist.  With this said, we are proud to present to you, our fabrications:

Liquid Charmeuse - a light-weight poly fabrication that is soft to the touch and floats effortlessly through the air  

Sueded Charmeuse - a buttery medium-weight poly fabrication that drapes to perfection

Stretch Charmeuse - a poly fabrication with spandex that moves as you do, allowing for supreme comfort 

Comfy Knit - a Rayon/Spandex medium weight fabrication.  Not too light that you don't want to wear it in public, not too heavy that you don't want to wear it in bed....and did I mention it doesn't pill? These fabrications are all easy to wear or pack when traveling.