All LINDA HARTMAN garments are machine washable.  Each individual has their own laundering routine that is tailored to their comfort level, but we at LINDA HARTMAN live by these simple guidelines:

Wash me on cold - I love water!

Use your favorite lingerie wash or fine specialty cleanser - preferably without brightening agents  

Dry me on low heat (for silk, we take ours out when slightly damp)

Shake me around - hang me up 

Low Iron if desired

Slip me on and Enjoy!

When washing your LINDA HARTMAN lovelies for the first time, please take note that some color might escape, primarily in dark colors.  We take care to properly crock our fabric, therefore stabilizing the dye.  However, due to the natural element of the earth-friendly low impact dyes, there will always be a small percentage that escapes!  We would love to hear your feedback on how your care for your LINDA HARTMAN essentials!