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All LINDA HARTMAN silks are machine washable and can be treated as a knit. Silk is a natural fiber that loves water, however, proper treatment will protect the fibers for longer life and enjoyment of your silk item. Each individual their own laundering routine that is tailored to their comfort level, but we at LINDA HARTMAN live by these simple guidelines:

  • Use mild detergents, with no bleach or bleach alternatives
  • Avoid fabric softener, as they hinder the natural properties of silk
  • Silk should be laundered gently in cold water
  • Tumble dry using moderate heat until almost dry. Remove promptly to avoid wrinkles and hang to complete the drying process.
  • Cool iron can be used, if needed.

our quality

Through each step of our design process, LINDA HARTMAN takes great care to ensure quality lingerie and loungewear.  We can assure that our garments will continue to hold their shape and color after several launderings. Additionally, we frequently listen to our customer's desires and suggestions to continually create better products. Simply put, we always hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. Here are a few of the special touches we use to meet high quality expectations:

  • Matching Covered Buttons

  • Reinforced Elastic Waistbands